About Me

Well if starting a blog didn’t make me feel exposed enough having to write a paragraph all about me will certainly strip away any safety net.

Let’s get started shall we?

Many a moon ago I was a fragile and vulnerable woman, I listened politely, followed the herd and allowed my soul to wither away in the process. Fear, that dreaded F word, controlled every aspect of my life.

I was blessed to have experienced so much trauma, pain and angst that by my early 20’s I simply broke apart and crumbled into a little pile on the figurative floor of life.  In this crumbling I allowed my inner being to become raw and exposed, ready to be rebuilt the way I wanted it to be.

I became a self-proclaimed spiritual junkie, researching every Religion and spiritual practice…..wearing designer clothes the entire time. Just when I thought I had discovered the meaning to it all, I got healthy dose of reality.

Fast forward to 2016 , where one balmy April day I showed up on the doorstep of my mother’s apartment with a face full of tears, my 3 kids, and a blow up. I’d broken free from the final threads of a life of chaos, ready to truly walk into my power.

Here’s what I know, when you have nowhere to go but up magical things can happen. Years of self work and study were finally put into practice and, oh my, has my life shone since.  3 years later and this single parent runs her successful all women Real Estate team. I have the house and car of my dreams, rental properties, a killer wardrobe and I’m hell bent on passing along some of this strength to all of the incredible women out there.

It was my time, now it’s yours…