Balance is Bullshit

Groceries are purchased, dinner made, all work tasks are complete, I just tucked the kids in and I’m on my way to hot yoga….

The fuck…?!

Not sure who owns that life but I can assure you it isn’t me.

Ladies, I battled this for years. I held guilt, I hid the dirty dishes and missed exercise but still proclaimed that I was striving for a “balanced life”, one where I understood that it was as equally important to self-care as it was to build business.

It’s time to spill my guts, to tell you the deep dark secret that many driven and passionate business women hold.

You won’t hear this in your yoga class or your psychologist’s office. You won’t hear your mother in-law or best friend tell you this but you WILL hear this from the tired, stressed out business women on the brink. You know the one, she has the constant eye twitch and is holding her 6th cup of coffee for the day. She talks incessantly about her accomplishments and the task she still has to complete for the day, she always seems a tad preoccupied, running her list of to-do’s around in her head like a treadmill (and yes I just basically described myself without meaning to ..I’m that chick).


Nope. There are no balanced scales in my life and I’m a Libra so I can only assume that all those other astro signs are totally doomed.

Do you want it? Do you want it soooo bad you can almost taste it? You can see it?

If this is where you answer no than your story takes a mad veer towards “get the hell out now” because passion is a requirement to achieve.

If you aren’t willing to give up almost everything to accomplish your goals than you likely won’t.

It’s actually pretty obvious. If it doesn’t consume you then it cannot transform your life, you won’t have given it the energy required to do so.

I’m at peace with the fact that I’m obsessed. This is me. I am driven and it consumes me and I was built this way so I may as well embrace it. I struggle with down time and kid time and alone time and gym time and cooking time and anything BUT work time.

I’ve finally let go of those final fragments of wishful thinking that I was grasping to for so long. The dreams of fresh laundry and floors that aren’t sticky and kids with perfect hair and healthy balanced dinner and and and and…

And I’m free



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