Life lessons from Cardi B

Ladies some days, some days are harddddddddd.


Single mom of 3 trying to keep my clients, employees, kids, mother, builders, bank account and Soul happy.

Some days I’m empty, void and needing to be filled up. Some days I’ve given so much of myself that my strength is gone. Like, I’ve literally given each person and encounter a little slice of my Spirit, my spark.

I leave an appointment, hop into my red leather office on wheels and I drive down the road…brain fried and needing something to give me strength.

I KNOW you know this feeling.  It may not be a builder or a wild 4-year-old (he legitimately ate the arms off his raincoat the other day because they were bothering him…but that’s a whole other post) but you are drained of your essence, your spark.

I know it.

What empties your cup and how do you fill it back up?

Well mine empties many times a day so I need a constant refuelling. How do I get massive surges of strength on the regular?


I’m dead serious.

Have you listened to those women? They don’t mess around; they know exactly who they are. What they want.

They clearly and boldly define their message.

I hop in the car and fly down the highway blaring a Soul expanding message; voice your wants, be clear in your needs, love your body, be confidant in who you are (because you’re fucking incredible) and if you don’t want to play by my rules you better get the hell out of the way ….

I AM STRENGTH EMBODIED, that’s what they say to me every time I flip that music on.

And it helps.

I get lifted by the voices of those with strength when I can’t feel it on my own.

I borrow from these women to remember who I am.

Now you don’t have to go and start listening to Melii or Cardi B talk about why they’re bad bitches, (and seriously they are a lot of personality and not for everyone) but I’ve discovered it works for me.

I found fuel for my strength. Where can you borrow?

Who exudes so much power that they can lend you some?

And please, if you have a day where you are overflowing, for the sake of all of us spread it around.

We women too often deplete ourselves and have no idea how we fuel up again.  Here’s a secret – it’s us, we strengthen each other.

Time to go…I have a date with Iggy, she’s about to explain the meaning of life.

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