Girl throw on some heels, grab your favorite lipstick an come along for the ride, we have work to do….

What the hell have we been doing, how did we let it get this far? Lord knows I wish I had someone in my life many years ago to say to me what I’m about to say to you .

Here it is, are you ready?

You ARE enough.

Wait, here’s another one for you…

You can honest to God accomplish anything you are truly passionate about.

Wait, here’s the best one:

Fuck anyone who says you can’t.

Okay, that one was a little on the harsh side (cover your eyes kids) but I think it drives my message home. You are in the drivers’ seat, not only that but you get to make the rules. Just think how much fun life is once you truly realize that.

I’ve studied so many self help guru’s, leaders of industry and female entrepreneurs; from them I have learned so so much but I felt one element lacking – FIRE.

In 3 short years I’ve swiftly gone from the broken woman who showed up at my mothers apartment with my 3 kids and a blow up mattress to a strong confidant single mother and business owner, having built a highly successful all female Real Estate Team.

THIS did not happen without a whole lot of fire in my Soul.

This is a journal of my awakening process, how I regained my strength and feminine power.

So girl, throw on some Cardi B, grab a glass of red and get ready to strengthen your Soul….