Real Talk

The eye catching photo was totally just to get your attention and has zero to do with the topic–gotcha!

Over these last few weeks we’ve become buddies, I trust you and know you won’t judge, (at least to my face and let’s be honest that’s all I care about) so I want to be real with you. I want to be so real that you leave this saying to yourself, “you know what, she’s just like me. If she’s just like me that means I can accomplish anything she’s doing”


Being that I have a love for marketing, writing and many creative pursuits you sometimes see a version of me that shows a woman easily and glamorously foraging ahead. This woman raises 3 kids, runs a thriving business and is always put together; she’s the rare person that can accomplish that.

No. Nope.

I struggle. I struggle every day and every morning I pick myself up and do it again. Some days I’m drained, some days I’m riding high on successes but mostly I crawl into bed at night wilted like a 2-week old flower bouquet.

How do I do this, what allows me to keep going?

What allows me to thrive amongst chaos, insurmountable responsibility, insane workload, late nights, early mornings, disappointment and dealing with all kinds of judgement and jealousy?

Faith. Faith in Maggie.

Years ago I decided that I was in complete control of the outcome of my life. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Hells no.

Wherever I end up is totally up to me, that means the good AND THE BAD are all on me. No blaming. No focusing on failures. No living in the past or the future. My next step is what will determine my next chapter. How I mentally frame my experiences also determine my next chapter.


I choose the energy I put into anything and my reaction to life is the largest determinate of my success. I’ve decided the good days are there to experience joy and love and the bad days are there to experience growth, growth that will eventually lead me to further joy and love.

It’s really very simple when you think of it that way. No more “why me”, no more, “why can’t I catch a break”, these get replaced with and understanding of life leading me to where I need to be. I’m open. I trust.

And for the really, really hard days there’s wine…


So here are my questions for you to see where are you at in this mindset? This will help gauge how much work you may need to do to steer the rudders of your mind into the right direction.

Do you feel helpless?

Do you blame your past for your current?

Are you waiting for “something big” to happen to change your life and make you happy?

You likely know at least one overly positive person in your life. The last time you spent a few minutes with them did you walk away saying, “wow that was refreshing” or “wow that was annoying”?

Your answers will tell you a lot about what type of energy you are putting forth into this world of yours.


I’ve decided I’m going to be an open book, no more secrets, and I’d like you to be the same to me.

Let’s do this together.

Tell me your thoughts and your struggles and I’ll tell you mine….


**Side Note – I spent like 2 hours and half a bottle of wine figuring out how to add an email subscription link to this blog so for the love of god please add yourself to the list, don’t make all my late night work be in vain. xoxo