The “OTHER” F word

Ever wonder what runs through the mind of someone that’s willing to take risks?

You see them confidently making big life choices, and catch glimpses of a fire in their eyes as they quickly and swiftly act.

I’m THAT person and every day I become more and more THAT person. As I grow I am getting bolder in my decisions and riskier in how I build my business.

How did I get to a place with no fear? How did I become so sure of myself that I am confident in my choices? What allows me to “know” the right next move.


I’m scared shitless 95% of the time.

Wanna know what my life feels like, almost all the time?

Okay, remember high school (I know I know, I really try not to unless absolutely necessary but go there with me this one time) and the eyes of judgement?

Did you ever go and do something crazy in high school, maybe go get a really wild hair cut? Do you remember the walk to school the next day, the fear you felt walking into that front door of class? How would everyone act?

Would they judge me? Would they get my “forward” thinking style? Would they appreciate and enjoy my individuality? Would they be cruel and harsh? Maybe I’m so insignificant that they don’t even noticed my wild haircut and if so is that worse than making fun of me?

Remember that feeling?

I do that to myself EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Why would I subject myself to what seems like a certain kind of Hell?  Because I’m choosing to follow the calling of my Soul.


This calling, this path, is so easily ignored (insert all the ways we numb ourselves, there’s a ton and we select the ones that work best for us) yet it’s the only way this kooky world makes any sense.

It’s A LOT of work and growth and pain and failure AND joy and love and gratitude.

Your calling is gentle and quiet, it’s not loud. Nobody will make you do it; it will never happen unless you are willing. Willing to experience being uncomfortable again and again.

If the path to greatness were painless and easy it would have no meaning, we could never feel the great sense of achievement without the struggle.

If you want to find the path to your Soul purpose you must inject your Soul and passion into your every day. Experiment with life, take chances, take risks. Fail a lot.


I’m a dreamer and as such I have 8 billion ideas a day. Some are brilliant and some are shitty (seriously what the hell was I thinking when I decided to buy a van a few years ago, do I LOOK like a van mom…that one cost me mega $$)? but I keep trying, over and over. I’ve come to be comfortable in my fear but it is ALWAYS there.

I’m always experimenting with new ideas at work and every time something is about to be rolled out I say, “I can’t do think, what the hell was I thinking” EVERY.TIME.

I allow that feeling to play out without ever giving in to it, I let it window shop in my mind and once it’s done it scurries back into the ethers of my ego.

Sometimes I fail and sometimes I succeed but I always grow and it’s COMPLETELY exhilarating.

Ladies, I’m writing the story of my life through the choices I make without completely knowing all the plot twists and ending- that is so fucking cool.

How fortunate am I to have this ability and I’m surly not going to waste it on a life of no risks.


I want to hear from you, are you walking through fear? How does it feel?

Are you holding yourself back? Why?

I believe that when we vocalize, or write our fears we expose them to reality and minimize their significance.  Let’s create a dialogue, tell me your thoughts…your fears. Add yourself to my mailing list, get updated, create a dialogue with me. Let’s do this.


I certainly don’t have all the answers in life but there is one thing I know for sure; If you’re not scared you’re not doing it right.