The Art of Faking It


OMG get your mind out of the gutter, what’s wrong with you, (just kidding I totally named it that so your mind would go to the gutter…I’m hilarious like that).

So you’ve started on the journey to becoming this real and raw Kinder egg toy and you are getting ready to dominate the world.

You step outside, ready to take over and…man it’s super tough out there in the world (almost as tough as my Thanksgiving Roast..but my cooking skills are a whole other post ).

It’s particularly painful when you are so raw, so vulnerable.

Do you change, do you revert back to you shell and harden yourself?


You do what any great women with things to accomplish does, she fakes it.

I’m going to pass along a favourite recipe (thank lord it’s not for that roast because you would be highly disappointed)


Recipe for  False Confidence


  • 1 Power dress.
  • 1 Pair pointy heels.
  • A set of manicured nails.
  • Expensive jewelry (or your canal street specials, I’m not judging).
  • Walking around like the world is your personal runway (this is actually my fav).

Take all ingredients, mix together and apply liberally (load that shit on) and go conquer the world.

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