This is all so very grown up

Gaga and her Bradley Cooper belting out , :Shallow” at The Different Stage of Mind event 2019

It seems in telling the world I wanted healing and to explore the purpose I was set out to accomplish in this lifetime, (that’s still a little TBD at this time but I’m getting warmer) I also told the world it was time to switch it into high gear.

No stopping.

No time for deep breathing.

I can only assume I have a lot of time to make up for and a lot still to accomplish. But honestly…this is all so very grown up.

It’s been a little over 2 months since I’ve last written so let’s catch you up to speed on what I’ve been up to.

MY LAST 60 DAYS SUMMED UP IN BULLET POINT (For obvious emphasis on significance, in case you didn’t pick up on that)

  • Took voice and dance lessons (as I don’t sing or dance), appeared on local media, learned the lyrics and dance moves for 2 songs, raised $68,000 for the Mental Health Foundation of NS and then performed live as Lady Gaga on stage at the Different Stage of Mind event, (and winning the fan fav award in the process).
  • While driving to the store one afternoon I noticed a ramshackle decrepit property that my boyfriend and I quickly purchased and will completely gut and renovate into a two-unit investment property. How bad is it you may ask, to quote my contractor. “This place is a shit hole; I love it”.
  • Became a leading sponsor for an event featuring key note speaker/author Elizabeth Gilbert and am now working through all the marketing pieces, (like being on a podcast)
  • Decided to host a large charity auction and luncheon for Alice House (charity helping women in domestic abuse situations) and am now organizing.
  • Hired another employee, (scary next step) who is highly skilled, (the prospect of our new group synergy at work gives me goosebumps).
  • Became engaged; my amazing (AMAZING) boyfriend proposed in the most incredible way (future blog post material) while the family was on vacation in Jamaica.
  • Started researching and setting up various meetings about the possibility of moving my entire business to another brokerage and am poised to decide in the next few weeks.
  • Have started working with a Brand platform company to help me further build my branding, helping me understand who I am and how others see me/how I want them to see me in the business world, (PS – it involves Shamanic work, bet you didn’t expect that)
  • Designed a billboard (including a photo shoot) for Golden Realty Group. that is due to be all over the city next month.
  • Started looking at houses to possibly purchase , (and then sell mine) for our new blended family and also began planning a wedding.
  • Performed all my ACTUAL work duties of running a real estate team and buying and selling homes for my clients.

Oh and I got my nails done a few times…….

And you know what, I’m having the time of my life.

Yes, I get stressed and yes there are days where I cannot catch my breath but I AM in my power, I AM in the zone. I waiver between asking myself who this person is, (as the transformation feels so significant) and wondering how I was ever really any other way, (as this power feels so natural).

So what is the shift, why now?

It’s because I gave up.

(This is the part where you go, “Girl what the hell are you talking about, giving up gets you a big bowl of nothing “).

But it’s oh so true,

 I gave up my unattainable standards. I realized doing something with mistakes allows me to actually refine my abilities and get better at it, wayyy better than my old way where I came up with concepts and ideas and implemented them perfectly in my mind only.

Make no mistake, this involves great bravery.


Once I got used to the overwhelming sensation of fear I felt every time I attempted something new and put it out on display for the world to see it actually did become easier.


Like you know how you read stuff in self-help books and think, “well that’s a pile of shit” or, “ya but if they had lived my life they would think differently”, those excuses are actually all bullshit our mind creates , it really truly does get better.

I almost (almost) don’t care what people think, I almost, (almost) have a vision of where and how I want my career to expand. My life is richer; my relationships are deeper. I feel more. I experience joy and love and happiness and “being” on such a deeper level. Yes, I totally get scared and angry and cranky (lord mercy hormones are a bitch) but overall life is amazing.

I get to do and be whatever I want.

I gave up, I let go. Holding on was a such a heavy burden.

I’d like to finish this entry with further eloquent prose but I’m embracing this newfound Maggie who gets stuff done versus waiting for it to be perfect.


Till next time.

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  1. Maggie I just love reading your blogs. You are so damn inspiring and gorgeous to boot. Please keep sharing and never lose your beautiful spirit.
    PS I hope it’s Sutton

    1. Thank you Conny, I so appreciate your words as they push me to keep writing even when life is a whirlwind 💕

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